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The Monsters We Make



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The issue being covered by my propaganda poster is that of war as a monstrosity.  Specifically how war is a monster because it impoverishes everyday citizens who are caught in the midst of it.  Poverty then leads to health issues.  People don’t have the money for food, which turns into malnutrition.  The hunger problem weakens the immune system, which, in addition to poor living conditions, makes it difficult to avoid and also to recover from disease.  Many times those who are most able to help these people end up othering them instead.  They are afraid of their appearances and deformities as well as the possible strength within their numbers.  They are also othered by soldiers believing that they have a more important war to fight than hunger.

            The poster depicts a starving man who is not pleasing to look at.  It asks if he or something else is the monster.  Though his outward appearance may be monstrous, he is obviously not the monster.  From the text the most apparent answer to the question, who is the monster, is war.  This is not the only target of the poster.  It is not asking what, but who.  It is asking all those who read it to think for a moment who they think the monster truly is in this situation.  Is it just the war?  Is it those who started the war?  Is it the people leading the war?  Or is it more personal?  Is it anyone who is able to do something for the impoverished people?  We all know that there are starving people, yet we comfortably eat our fill and throw away food every day.  Are we the monsters in this situation?  Few of us would think of ourselves as monsters, but apathy can be monstrous.  Even those of us on meager incomes by United States standards are rich compared to many and could do a great deal for others even if it is something as simple as not throwing any food away. 

            The point of the poster was not to blame a specific person of group of people for the problems that war leaves behind.  It is simply to make people uncomfortable by making them think who is responsible for the situation of the impoverished people of the world and who could make things a little better for them.  Though appearance can often be the cause of othering someone and calling them a monster, the real monsters are in action of inaction.  War is obviously a monster because of it’s effects, but there are very possibly less noticeable monsters elsewhere.  Though the issues seem black and white, they seldom are.



"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary, men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."     -Joseph Conrad