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The Monsters We Make

Monstrous Music


Embraced by Apathy

by Monstrosity


Raise in the screams of the dying light;
Born into tragedy,
Existing violently.
Forced disregard of all humanity
Product of a war.
Where a generation of souls,
Embraced by apathy,
Caressed by dying energy.
Released from the bodies
Who can't adapt
The weak are attacked.
Forced into life is this genocide.
Where endless blood saturates the eyes
Of those who kill prepared to die.
Their hunger craving life.
Embrace their minds
Their apathy keeps them blind.
Surely our demise
Within their screams we die.
In vain, force in the blade.
Voluntary plague injected foolishly
Answer to a life obscurity.
Product of a mind
Where a generation
Has drowned themselves in stupidity.
Project aggressively
Choking on the blood of their enemies
Their searching for


      This song talks about the monstrosity of ignorance and apathy.  There are numerous people being hurt and killed because they are too weak to help themselves and those who are able are too selfish to help them.  It tells how no one cares about their fellow beings and so they are all dying and seeing others die around them.  "Embraced by Apathy" could easily be related to any war.  The monstrous sights and beings that it talks of are a part of and apathy is the cause of most of the monstrosities that take place during war.

by Illdisposed
By the shores of the ageing sea
Fools scream out destiny
They speak of vengeance and your gods
into the fire - out of the flame
The beast awakes - thousands are slayen
The mystic reads - forgotten tales
All hallows hail - your falling waves

Nightmare - this is your prize eternal
Nightmare - make no disguise infernal
Nightmare - you'll realize you lost in
Nightmare - Nightmare

Inside explodes - the butcher strikes
You'd love to die - your baby cries
Lead candles burn - just a decoy
The giant child - your his new toy

In the eye of the lions teeth
Your flesh becomes his meat
You lie devoured still full of life
Temples of ice - white desert breeze
The golden sun - prepares to freeze
Dying of thirst - drowning in pain
You wake in sleep - it starts again
"Nightmare" describes the feelings of fear associated with monsters.  Though monsters are not only something that is feared, this song is appropriate because it shows the effects that monsters can have.  They can haunt and terrify you for for a long time.  Whether the monster is war or society or something small, victims of monsters can experience fear or psychological damage long after the monster is gone.

"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary, men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."     -Joseph Conrad